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1000W Double Ended MH Lamps

Performance Data of Double Ended metal halide 1000W

Initial Lumens 110000 in the
Rated Life 4000 Hr
Warm Up Time 5 Min
Correlated Color Temperature 4200 TO
Color Rendering Index 65  
Operating Position H  
PPF Value 1350 pmol/s












Electrical Characteristics of 1000W Double Ended MH Lamp

Nominal lamp wattage 1000 IN
Nominal lamp voltage 230 V
Nominal lamp current 4.7 A






Physical Description of 1000W DE MH Lamps

Maximum overall length 394 mm
Max. Bulb diameter 33 mm
Max. bulb temperature 700 °C
Bulb Shape T32.5
Bulb material UV block quartz
Arc tube material PCA
Bulb finish Clear












The Application of 1000W MH Lamp

Double ended grow lights are widely used in the horticultural lighting and are suitable for supporting plants in earlier development stages by promoting stronger roots, better resistance against disease and more compact growth.

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