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Baby Splicing Mat Products, the State Lists it in the 3C Certification Catalogue

Recently, the reporter learned from the National Accreditation Regulatory Commission that infant splicing mat products were included in the compulsory product (CCC) certification scope.


Relevant manufacturers should implement the certification according to the implementation rules of CCC certification for toy products, and complete the certification by November 30, 2018. Since December 1, 2018, if the above products have not been certified by CCC, they shall not be discharged, sold, imported or used in other business activities.


This time, such products will be included in the 3C certification catalogue, aiming at ensuring the quality and safety of children’s products and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and production enterprises. According to the requirements of relevant regulations, all kinds of cushion products which are clearly labeled as „crawling pads“ in product or product packaging and product specifications, or not clearly labeled as „crawling pads“, but which explicitly implement the relevant GB6675 standards and are suitable for infants‘ crawling and playing, should meet the requirements of relevant toy products CCC Certification Implementation rules. If the relevant information mentioned in Article 1 is not clearly marked, but the product expressly applies to any age below 14 years old and has one of the following characteristics, it shall also meet the requirements of the relevant toy product CCC Certification Implementation rules. Firstly, the product has the function of splicing and playing, forming mats of different shapes through splicing for infants to play and crawl. Second, it does not have the function of splicing, but the product has cartoon patterns, and can be used for infants to play and crawl.


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