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25ml 30ml Plastic Lotion Bottles

Product Name: 25 ml Plastic Bottles & 30ml Plastic Lotion Bottle


Material: PET materials


Capacity: 25ml 30ml


Slogan:Golden bottle cap make the bottle high-grade and exquisite



This plastic lotion bottle is also called a moisturizing water bottle, which is mainly used for packaging and dispensing skin care products such as lotion and moisturizing water. The main material is PET material, the material is environmentally friendly, clean, non-toxic, tasteless and harmless, and does not impose any burden on the environment. It can ensure that the bottle does not cause any harm to the human when using the bottle.



This plastic lotion bottle has two highlights compared to the same type of plastic lotion bottle on the market, which is its unique shape and unique handle feel. In appearance, this plastic lotion bottle uses double-cut galvanic aluminum caps. Through the electroplating technology, the caps are made into bright gold, bright silver or bright white, which is exquisite, beautiful, and high-end, and it is full of charming temperament. The double tangling of the bronzing on the cap makes the cap no longer monotonous. The bottle is completely transparent, bright and unique. In the handle feel, this plastic lotion bottle is full of sufficient materials, making it smooth and cool, with high hardness and glassy texture. But at the same time it does not easily break like a glass bottle. This plastic lotion bottle is of high quality and can be recycled many times, which is very economical.


Print & Process:

XINRUN can also print the logo on your bottle if you need it. The entire production process of the lotion bottle is carried out in a clean room, ensuring that the product is clean and free from any contaminants. We have chosen a safe and reliable transportation company, and the transportation process of the product is guaranteed to be zero damage under normal circumstances. This plastic spray bottle is one of our company’s flagship products. The annual output is very huge, the technology is constantly advancing, and the price concessions are also great. It is very trustworthy.


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