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WSF618B-02 Precision Winder

Introduction of WSF618B-02 Precision Winder:

WSF618B-02 Precision Winder is a kind of yarn cone winder. This yarn winding machine is equipped with active unwinding device and a type of closed-loop control system, that make this new cone yarn winder achieve the three functions as follows:


1) Reduce yarn rewinding loss after dyeing;

2) Save yarn elasticity;

3) Keep and control yarn tension exactly and yarn forming excellent.


This new cone thread winder has an active-unwinding device. The unwinding device can feed yarns actively according to the tension, which reduces damages in yarn winding forming process and improve the quality of yarn. WSF618B-02 yarn winding machine has its own tension system, yarn length counter, full-bobbin auto-stop device and yarn broken auto-stop device. Through tension sensor you can control the tension of yarn conveniently; yarn length is monitored and motors will stop when bobbin is full or yarn is broken.


The winding speed of each spindle is controlled by single motor. Winding motor on this yarn cone winder includes slow start function and winding speed frequency auto adjustment function. Overfeed wheel contain speed regulating function. Each spindle of this cone yarn winder can be controlled independently.


Advantages of WSF618B-02 Precision Winder:

  1. Each spindle of this yarn winding machine can be controlled independently. You can set parameters individually according to your yarns.
  2. You can reduce yarn rewinding loss after dyeing because of active-unwinding device equipped on this yarn cone winder.
  3. Oil device is optional. You can choose whether to install the device in your own yarn winding machine.
  4. When bobbin is full or yarn is broken, the motor of yarn cone winder will stop as the length is monitored.


Parameters of WSF618B-02 Precision Winder:

Spindle Gauge: 300 mm

Number of Spindles: 4 spindles per section

Traverse: Up to 200 mm

Forming Shape: Cylindrical or Conical

Bobbin Capacity: 750~1500 g

Yarns: Chemical filament, such as high low elater, terylene, pure silk, spun silk and etc.

Line Speed: 400~600 m/min

Installed Power: 0.45 kW per spindle

Size of Machine: Length 1.93 m × Width 0.92 m × Height 1.18 m


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