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150ml Body Wash Bottles

Product Name: 150ml Body Wash Bottle


Material: PET Materials; Electrified aluminum materials


Capacity: 150ml


Slogan: The glass feels, high-grade and exquisite



This body wash bottle is mainly made of PET materials, which are renewable materials, and have no burden on the environment, green and healthy. The body of the body wash bottle is specially thickened and has a glass-like feel when touched. The body wash bottle is cylindrical in shape and has a round shoulder design. The entire bottle looks round and beautiful, bringing the visual pleasure to the user.


The bottle cap of this body wash bottle is its biggest feature: the electroplating paint technology is used to make the bottle cap into gold or silver. The shimmering gold and silvery silver greatly enhance the grade of the product. The pump head is made of electrified aluminum materials and is translucent milky white. The pump head is a tip-pressing design, which makes the product easy to press and easy to use.



The entire production process of the 150ml plastic bottle is carried out in a clean room, ensuring cleanliness and compliance with standards. The whole machine production is made to guarantee the quality and the inferior products will not enter the market. You may rest assured. This body wash bottle is mainly used for the packaging or sub packaging of body wash products. It is a very high-grade packaging in the care industry and is very popular among customers.


Compared with body wash bottles of the same price in the market, this kind of body wash bottle has a high cost performance, more advanced material and has a longer life. It’s more prominent than other body wash bottles of the same type. In addition, XINRUN can provide various kinds of customization services, such as silk screen printing, frosting, engraving and so on. As long as you need, we can also print exquisite patterns on the bottle body to make you satisfied. If you choose this shower gel bottle, you won’t regret it!


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