Steel Plate

Are you looking for reliable 4140 steel plate suppliers? Mould steel plate is a kind of steel used to make mould of cold stamping mould, hot forging mould, casting mould and so on. Mold material is the material and technological foundation of die and mould manufacturing, and the die steel is the traditional die material. Its varieties, specifications and quality play a decisive role in mold performance, service life and manufacturing cycle. The use of the 4140 steel sheet   is very wide, the manufacture of the mold material is very wide, and the most widely used die material is the mold steel.

Categories of mould Steel making process

Cold stamping mould

Cold stamping mould is mainly used to make cold stamping mould steel in a cold state. The scope of cold stamping mould steel is very wide, ranging from various carbon tool steels, alloy tool steels, high speed tool steels to powdered high speed tool steels and powdered high alloy steels. Cold stamping mould steel is a vacuum degassed refined steel, pure in the endogenous, good in machinability, significantly improved metal cutting. excellent wear resistance, good toughness, available made of stainless steel and high hardness material stamping die.


Hot forging mould

Hot forging mould is mainly used to make the mould steel under high temperature conditions. Common hot forging mould steels include alloy steels with medium and high carbon. Hot forging mould steels with special requirements are sometimes made of high-alloy austenitic heat-resistant mould steels.

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