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100ml Plastic Medicines Bottles

Product Name: Empty plastic bottles 100ml

Material: The bottle body is made of PET materials, the cap is made of PP materials.

Capacity: 100ml

Slogan: Convenient and beautiful, good experience



This plastic medicine bottle is used to separate liquid medicine, especially cough syrup, oral liquid, and other liquid medicine.



There are two types of bottle materials. One is PET material, which is used as the bottle body and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. PET material is an excellent packaging product, which can guarantee that the medicine will not be affected by moisture during the effective period and will not deteriorate at the same time.


Another material is PP material, which is mainly used for bottle caps. This PP material has good sealing and permeability, and this material can prevent the effects of light, heat, water vapor, oxygen and other materials on drugs. The total capacity of the bottle is 100ml, and the color is transparent. The bottle looks beautiful and generous.



At the same time, the body of the bottle is carefully designed, and the cylindrical shape of the bottle is designed in line with people’s usage habits. Such a design can bring good experience for users. In addition, the accurate scale design on the bottle is convenient for the user to check the remaining amount when using, and the accurate scale design is conducive to the user to grasp the usage amount of medicine accurately.


The product is healthy and safe on the material. The safety of the material can guarantee that the plastic medicine bottle will not damage the medicine’s efficacy when it comes into direct contact with the medicine. In terms of appearance design, at the same time, the plastic medicine bottle takes into full consideration of people’s usage habits. This plastic medicine bottle is convenient for people to use in two aspects, shape and in scale. As a result, this plastic medicine bottle is very delicate in material, and the design of this plastic medicine bottle is also very delicate.


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