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Spun Twisting Machine

Are you looking for yarn doubling machine?

Introduction of Spun Twisting Machine:

Spun twisting machine is a kind of twister machine for various yarns. This yarn twisting and doubling machine has long service life, and adopts flooding system lubricating to lower friction loss. The spun twister machine has wide technological adaptability, stepless adjustment of angle of wind, forming length, short stroke length, and long-short stroke frequency and so on. The spun twisting machine is easy alteration and satisfied to optimize different products. Also the spun twisting machine has a nice winding shaping. There is various forming mode on the spun twisting machine to satisfy different yarn shaping demands of clients.


Controlled by PLC, three independent motors on the spun twisting machine are running with constant speed ratio, both during normal running conditions and start/stop phases. In case the power supply failure, PLC will control and reduce their three speeds progressively until the complete stop.


Features of Spun Twisting Machine:

>> Meet customers single-spindle, large package needs

>> Processing of raw materials. May twisting various polyester yarn, textured yarn, and nylon yarn, etc.

1) Traverse servo actuator, winding forming good

2) A variety of forming ways. Meet the requirements of different yarns forming

3) Single-spindle yarn broken lights, cutting operation


Technical Parameters of Spun Twisting Machine:

For raw materials: Monofilament 100D~1000D and Twisted wire 300D~2000D

Solutions retreat cheese: (Φ54~110)X(190~300) There are side tube, length 230,290mm

The number of sections: ≤10

Tenser: Ball, capsule

Twist(T/M): 100~2000

Starting method: Delta slow start

Twist: S or Z

Operation form: Double-sided single, lead wires lead yarn

Up speed: ≤60m/min

Spindle Transmission: Long tangential belt drive

Rated power: 14.7KW

Loading amount: 2-5kg

Winding brass: Φ54~70 L230、290mm


Variations technical parameters of Spun Twisting Machine:

Spindle gauge: 290mm or 330mm or 365mm or 405mm

Each section spindles: 16 or 12 or 12 or 10

Dimension (10): 25610X730X1656 22330X730X1656 24230X830X1656 22580X830X1656

Spindle speed: 5000-10000rpm


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