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Introduction to Practical Cleaning Tips of Cupboard

As the center of the family, the kitchen has a high frequency of use, and the lampblack is easy to produce stains. As the main part of the kitchen, the cabinet should be cleaned and maintained. Otherwise, no matter how good the cupboard is, it will not be invaded by lampblack. It will be dimmed and affect the use. Oppein will tell you practical cabinet cleaning tips, hoping to help you better take care of the kitchen.


Cleaning and maintenance of door panel

To maintain the door panel, you need to clean and wipe it frequently to keep it dry.

In the process of daily use, when opening and closing the door panel, the action should be light, and the door hinge should be regularly oiled to effectively extend the service life of the cabinet. You can use a desiccant or dehumidifier to keep the kitchen dry and avoid moldy or distorted cabinets.


Cleaning and maintenance of cabinet

Compared with the cabinet door, the cleaning of the cabinet body is much simpler. Generally speaking, it’s better to wipe it with a clean wet cloth. If the oil stain is attached to it, it can be wiped with a neutral detergent properly. The effect is better. The interior of the cabinet is wiped with a dry cloth. In addition to cleaning, we should also pay attention to daily maintenance and develop good use habits. The load-bearing capacity of the hanging cabinet is generally lower than that of the ground cabinet.


Therefore, it is suitable to place lighter objects in the cabinet, such as heavy objects such as large rice flour oil. It is better to put the cabinet down. Utensils should be cleaned and dried before being put in the cupboard.


Cleaning and maintenance of worksurface

There are many kinds of materials for worksurface, mainly including artificial stone (quartz stone is common), stainless steel, natural stone, etc.


Artificial stone and stainless steel material: do not use hard cleaning cloth, steel wire ball, chemical agent to wipe or steel brush to scrub. Use soft towel, soft cloth with water or brightener, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion.


Natural stone material: it is better to use soft cleaning cloth instead of toluene detergent, otherwise it is difficult to remove white spots. When removing scale, do not use strong acid toilet powder or dilute hydrochloric acid, or the glaze will be damaged and lose luster. Daily maintenance needs to avoid using sharp objects to touch the table top in operation to avoid scratches.


General material worksurface, have bubble and aperture, if colored liquid permeates among them, it will cause stain or discoloration, so should avoid soy sauce dripping to worksurface. If the soy sauce, vegetable juice, etc. flow to the table due to carelessness, you can immediately wipe them with a wet cloth to avoid leaving traces. In addition, artificial board cabinet should avoid standing water on the worksurface for a long time, or it will leave water marks.


The introduction of practical cleaning tips for cabinets is shared here. The maintenance of cabinets is not completed overnight. Clean and maintain cabinets regularly, so as to extend the service life of cabinets.



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