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What Are the Characteristics of American Style Wardrobe?

American style wardrobe category is the most extensive compared with other styles. American style wardrobe has simple lines, rough volume, and its clean and concise features. Although American style wardrobe is not as luxurious as European style, but American style practicality is also popular. Oppein will introduce the characteristics of American style wardrobe in detail.


  1. American style contains a variety of cultural elements in the design, which contains romantic and classical atmosphere. The design features of American style wardrobe show the pursuit of American history and past beautiful feelings.


  1. American style furniture emphasizes practicality everywhere. Although the pattern of American wardrobe is not exquisite, almost all American flowers are very practical. For example, there is a special table for sewing. It is also common for large tables to be lengthened or split into small tables. For example, many American functional sofas are gray in design and color. The picture shows that they are not allowed to be dirty and need not be removed or washed.


  1. The details of American style wardrobe are exquisite. The thick and large size of American pattern can’t conceal the delicacy of details. For example, the hardware decoration of American pattern is often very elegant. A small handle can have hundreds of shapes. These gadgets make American wardrobe more stylish. If you compare the details of American style wardrobe and European style wardrobe, you will find that the paint of American style wardrobe is mainly single color, while the European style wardrobe is mostly decorated with gold or other color decorative strips.


  1. The older the American style wardrobe, the better. The American style wardrobe has a more historical sense than those bright ones, because it loves to be made through old technique. The original bright surface of the wardrobe intentionally leaves traces of knife cutting, which seems to have been used for many years. The paint applied is mostly dull and matte. It doesn’t have to be shiny because it wants the wardrobe to look as old as possible.


  1. In the American style of inner dignity, gold and silver are the European style of wardrobe, while the American style of wardrobe is relatively simple, emphasizing the dignity that is not publicized. In order to highlight the characteristics of the wood itself, the American style wardrobe veneer usually uses complex sheet processing, so that the texture itself becomes a kind of decoration, which can produce different light feeling at different angles. This makes American style wardrobes more eye-catching than European style wardrobes glittering with gold.


  1. American style wardrobes usually have some patterns that highlight American culture, at the same time, they also make romantic, personalized and spiritual features, which can appropriately express the American spirit of pursuing freedom and innovation.


  1. American style wardrobe is naturally simple and casual, which gives you a very casual, natural, comfortable feeling when you return home.



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