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Petrol hammer DHD-58 is a portable but robust demolition hammer with 2-stroke, 32.7cc engine for removal, drilling, breaking and splitting concrete or other building materials.


This  gasoline powered hammer drill has two main functions, one is drilling concrete with an SDS MAX drill bit and also good at breaking and crushing if assemble a flat chisel. It is easy to change these two functions, just spin the “drilling or crushing” knob. With strong power 1000W engine, you can work independently of any power supply. Gasoline powered jackhammer is the best choice for contractors who use it on construction sites all the time. Of cause, it suitable for DIY market very much considering its easy operation and low cost, if you want to improve the home sector, then it would be a practical choice.


Main Features:

  1. Efficient machine: With very compact structure and easy controlling. Petrol engine provides the ample force to make sure a satisfactory of working results.
  2. Two functions in one machine: Hand-held drill with breaking and drilling 2 In 1 function
  3. SDS-Max drill bit receptacle: It is easy to assemble and replace drill bits.
  4. Satisfy various working sites: Helps you work in a long line from position to position or working in remote, inaccessible place.


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