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RW360 Air Jet Loom

Introduction of RW 360 Air Jet Loom:

RW 360 Air Jet Loom is a kind of advanced textile loom machine. This air jet textile machine has a total stop-mark prevention system. The powerful CPU controls various devices, including let-off and take-up mechanisms, effectively preventing stop-marks.


There is selectable main motor start-up method on this air jet textile machine. The super-fast start-up motor on this textile auto loom machine ensures full beating power form the first pick. Either a delta or star configuration can be selected for motor start-up, offering different start-up torques to prevent heavy or light filling bar defects.


RW 360 Air Jet Loom has device of fell forward. Releasing warp yarn let-off tension immediately after the loom halts prevents the cloth fell from touching the reed, thus eliminating another cause of stop marks. After the air jet textile machine restarts, the preset tension is automatically restored, and beating resumes at the normal cloth fell position.


One weft insertion is also installed on the air jet textile machine. This feature inserts a single pick without beat-up when restarting the loom. This is particularly effective in preventing stop marks when weaving heavy twill fabrics.


Parameters of RW360 Air Jet Loom:

Reed space: 360

Weavable range: Spun: Ne 100 – Ne 2.5; Filament: 56dtex-1350dtex

Filling selection: 1-color, 2-color mixing; 2-color at-will; 4 colors; 6 colors

Filling insertion: Main and sub-nozzles combined system, auxiliary main nozzle; New solenoid value with built-in manifolds; Independent sub-nozzle timing control by color; AJC Auto Jet Controller: First pick control

Let-off: Electronic let-off

Take-up: Electronic Take-up

Beating: Crank type beating, multiple sley sword beating

Measuring & storage: Brushless DC motor weft accumulator

Filling supply stand: Floor mounted for 4 packages (2 colors), Floor mounted for 8 package (4 colors)

Selvage: Planetary gear motion

Waste filling remove: Catch cord type (3-roll type), catch cord type (Gear type)

Cutter: Mechanical cutter

Lubrication: Oil bath system for main driving parts, centralized lubrication (Manual grease)

Stop motion: Reactive weft feeler

Automation: Data setting, automatic control, monitoring, self-diagnosis function


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