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What is the Dimension Standard of Indoor Stairs?

Stairs are the carrier for us to go up and down the stairs. I’m sure that we will not be unfamiliar with them. Moreover, we will find that the dimensions of stairs are big or small, long or short. What’s the reason for this? Next, Oppein will talk about the size standard of indoor stairs.


The spiral staircase is arranged around a single column, which is circular in plane. The platform and steps are fan-shaped planes. The width inside the steps is relatively small, which will be more complex in structure and steep in slope. But this type of indoor stair size saves space, so it often appears in home decoration. Generally, the minimum opening of spiral indoor stairs shall be 1300 * 1300mm. This stair size structure causes: if people walk outside the stairs, the treads are in a state of shaking up and down. But its stress point is only the center, which is the common disadvantage of all the revolving stairs. The load-bearing capacity of rotating stairs is generally 150-200kg.


What is the general dimension of linear indoor stairs? The step width shall not be less than 280mm, and the step height shall not be greater than 160mm. Steps without riser and right angle flange shall not be used; handrails shall be made on both sides.


In order to avoid the illusion of going up and down stairs, the height of the first step and the last step of stairs should be the same as that of other steps. If you want to change, the size should be controlled within 4cm, preferably no more than 2-3cm. The height from the highest stair step to the ceiling needs to have a clearance of more than 2m, and the minimum should not be less than 1.8m, otherwise there will be a sense of compression.


The clear width of the free space on one side of the stair shall not be less than 75cm; when there are walls on both sides, the clear width shall not be less than 90cm. The height of indoor stairs is 15-18cm, the depth of stairs is 22-27cm, and the number of stairs is about 15 steps.


Attention should be paid to the design of handrails. Generally, the size of stair handrails and steps should be matched with each other. Generally, the height of steps is about 15-18cm, the depth is about 22-27cm, and the width is between 75-100cm.


Stairs are very important for the friends who live in the duplex house or villa, especially in the grasp of the size of the stairs. The above article explains the relevant contents according to the size of the stairs, hoping to provide reference for you.


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