A power trowel also knows as a power float. It is a common small construction equipment used to create a level, smooth finish on a large, flat area of concrete, such as an interior floor, or a poured patio slab for a deck by a lot of construction companies and contractors. We use multiple blades that rotate in a safety cage, driven by petrol engine.


Bycon is one of the most professional power trowel machine manufacturers in China. With so many sizes of power trowels in our company, you can choose the most suitable power trowel in accordance with the working area. In general, if you’d like to level a small area of under 1000 square feet, choose a walk behind power trowel with 24 to 36 inch working diameter is good enough. The working diameter of power trowel is 24 inch trowel machine, 30 inch trowel machine, 36 inch trowel machine, 46inch trowel machine, just select the most cost-efficient one from us. Getting both floating and finishing combined blades to smooth the concrete in a series pass. Also, optional petrol engines are available, the Chinese local brand, Robin brand, and Honda.


As we all know, it is awfully crucial that you should do your concrete finishing job in time. When power troweling overworks the concrete surface, it in effect compresses the top layer of the slab, closing up the naturally porous “vents” or pathways in the aggregate that allow moisture within the concrete slab to move to the surface and to evaporate out of the slab.


Running power float machine in appropriate speed helps to keep the machine from digging into the concrete and ruining your progress.  Once you’ve gone up and back over the entire slab, turn perpendicular and go across the entire slab. This technique will help to finish any spots that were missed on the first pass.


We have trowel machine for sale. And the power float machine price is reasonable. Just contact us!


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