Perfume Cap (Zamac)

Perfume zamac caps are made by Zamac component with PP insert, Zamac can be done by 2-3 pieces base on the design come from.


Products Description

Zamac can be done with 2 kind of finishing, one is metallic, the other is galvanization normally, base on that the regular color can be silver, gold and rose gold. And it can be done by cooper brushed, gun metal brushed, silver brushed and so on…There is a lot of color possibility with Zamac components. The fitment between Zamac and PP can be riveting, or clicking fit, it depend on customer needs. Zamac cap perfume always give consumer the feeling of heavy and rich. Most of Niche perfume brand love to use Zamac cap as one components of their perfume. Zamac components can be done by polishing itself, make the feeling of Zamac like real gold, it can satisfied the feeling of customer looking for.


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