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How to choose a suitable pair of basketball cushion insoles?

How to choose basketball shoe insoles and shock absorbing insoles? Professional athletes attach great importance to the quality of basketball shoes. Every part of the structure of the shoe determines the foot feeling for people. For some enthusiastic sports enthusiasts, how to buy a good pair of basketball shoe insoles, basketball shock absorbing insoles?


A good pair of basketball shoes need to have good durability, support, stability, comfort, and good shock absorption. Thicker soles, good friction shoes are preferred. As we all know, in the process of playing basketball, there will be a constant start, stop take-off and rapid shuffling movement, making you put the characteristics of the shoes in the absolute first place to choose when you select basketball shoes. Improper insoles can also cause problems for many athletes, let alone amateurs like us!


Professional insoles for basketball shoes in Zhiguo need professional shock absorption technology. It means adding a certain amount of shock absorption material to the heel and forefoot of basketball shoes without increasing their weight. The base material of vibration absorptive materials is usually made of EVA, compressed EVA, PU or a mixture of these materials. Many different brands of basketball shoes have their own special shock absorption technology. So what can we do when buying basketball cushion insoles and basketball shock absorbing insoles?


Good insoles for basketball and basketball shock-absorbing insoles can support your feet and protect them from injury, increase friction, reduce the chance of slipping, shock absorption and protect joint. Shoes with good shock absorption performance can reduce the impact of external forces on the feet. The sole has elasticity and usually has an airbag or some support. It applies a strong elasticity when trampling. Basketball insoles should be removable and washable. Basketball shock absorbing insole is the closest layer to the foot, which can slow down the impact of sports on the sole and prolong the lifetime of shoes. But they must be removable and washable in order to ensure hygiene in shoes.

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