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Hank winding machine uses

Our hank winding machine is a kind of precision winding machine for winding yarns from hank to cone. This precision winding machine is suitable for all kinds of hank yarn winding processing, such as cotton, linen, wool and blended yarn. Our hank winding machine is stable and reliable with the tension of the yarn. With our hank winding machine, clients have improved their production efficiency greatly, and packages formed by this precision winding machine have a good forming shape without rewinding again.


The hank winder uses single spindle drive frequency control of motor speed or soft start frequency control of motor speed. The feed device, tension device and wax device equipped on the precision winding machine form its unique yarn path. Yarn tension is small and stable, perfect for production.


The yarn hank winder adopts advanced and mature industrial control technology, human-computer interface, PLC, and the performance is more stable, more reliable. The advanced technology is the right resource of a company.


Precision hank winding machine custom service available

Also this precision winding machine can be customized because it is totally a customized winding machine. As a winder supplier, we offer the best service for our clients. You could give your own requirements and we will try our best to improve our hank winding machine to meet your requests. You can have more details about our winding machine for sale by telephone +86-575-86333306 or email: sales@wsftex.com.


WSF is a company which is outstanding in providing various solutions of hank to cone winding machine for clients. RFQ today!


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