Textile Enzyme

Are you looking for a reliable textile enzymes manufacturer? Stickum adhering to and inlaying the fasciculus is removed by textile enzymes, accelerating the separation of fibers, strengthening the wettability and hygroscopicity for the surface of textiles and improving the dyeing effect of yarn and textile. Textile enzymes can wipe filoplume, pelletizing and barge effect on the surface off. The textile will become softer and fluffier with good drapability, and it will not feel itchy when people wear bast fiber textile after the treatment. It can discompose the amylum, starch derivatives, the blending of amylum/compound size, which can transform amylum into dextrine quickly to lower the viscosity for making it extremely easy removed in the subsequent washing, having the ideal effect of getting rid of starch pulp and obtaining an excellent handle without damaging the textile. Shingenzyme is one of the famouse textile enzymes suppliers in China offering quality textile enzymes.


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