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Full Automatic Sewing Thread Winder

Introduction of WSF500B Full Automatic Sewing Thread Winder

WSF500B Automatic sewing thread winding machine can reach max. 1000m/min production speed.  The winding and traverse parts are independently controlled by two stepper motors to provide variable winding ratio for different thread shaping. The set is integrated with digital yarn length measuring system, electronic oiling device, tension controlling system, automatic doffing function, which enables a fully automatic production of thread package winding process.


Basic Configuration of Full Automatic Sewing Thread Winder

Central terminal for parameters setting with the functions of recipe storage and production monitoring

Stepless yarn spacing adjustment system to achieve 2-4 crossovers

Loop catcher

Electromagnetic tensioner

Yarn detection sensor

Automatic yarn clamping device

Digital yarn length measuring system

Synchronous winding & traverse drive system

Automatic doffing system

Automatic yarn end tuck-in function

Accurate oiling system


Main Features of Full Automatic Sewing Thread Winder

Equipped with automatic doffing function and supply tube pre-positioning

Equipped with automatic yarn end tuck-in function

Equipped with a synchronized winding drive system to ensure excellent package shaping


Parameters of Full Automatic Sewing Thread Winder

Type of winding: precision cross winding

Mechanical speed: up to 1000 m/min

Package shape: cone and kingspool

Traverse: 63.5~152.4 mm

Take-up tubes: cylindrical or conical

Package diameter: up to 160 mm

Supply package diameter: up to 320 mm

Yarns: textured filament, filament twisted/flat, viscose rayon, special thread

Layout: single sided

Spindle number per section5

Number of spindles: Min. 5/Max. 25Gauge440 mm

Drive: individual driving system per spindle

Installed power: ~1.5 KW per spindle

Compressed air: 6 bar


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