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Cone winder function and types

Sewing thread cone winding machine is well designed for winding chemical filament yarns. Our company, Zhejiang Wanshifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in R & D for customized winding machine. As a winder supplier, we have kinds of cone winder machine such as precision winder, semi-automatic winder and automatic winding machine. With our high speed cone winder, you can achieve good forming shape and high-quality yarns.

Cone winding machine devices

Most of cone winding machines contain several devices as follows: length counter, full bobbin auto-stop, yarn break auto-stop, spindle speed automatic adjustment, overfeed speed adjustment, slow start, constant winding speed and so on. With the cooperation of devices above, the accuracy of the package can be ensured. There is an overfeed device also to ensure the forming. Besides, our winding machine is well competitive in China winding machine and foreign market with not only its quality and technology but also its price and service.


Our textile cone winding machine, including high speed cone winder, is equipped with photoelectric automatic yarn breaking device. Each spindle has its own motor to adjust the line speed at well. The convenient put of reeled silk and linear silk design in our cone winding machine ensures well forming of package. Also the computer constant speed control system and overfeed adjustment will ensure the yarn forming through the control of touch screen. The work efficiency will be enhanced with our cone winding machine.


We have cone winder for sale! We are committed to being professional in winding machine and leading this Chinese traditional industry to the world. Welcome to visit our company and cooperate with us.


WSF is a company which is outstanding in providing various solutions of automatic thread winding machine for clients. RFQ today!


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