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Neutral Desizing Enzyme for Textile

As a high-tech incubator, Shingenzyme has an independent enzyme preparation research and development team. It tracks the textile industry all the year round and specializes in the application of enzyme technology in the textile industry. The desizing enzyme WENATD-001 can decompose the mixed starch of starch, starch derivative and starch/synthesis slurry on the fabric, it can quickly convert the starch into dextrin, and reduce the viscosity so that it can be completely removed in the subsequent washing. The use of enzyme desizing can obtain the ideal effect of reclaiming the starch slurry without damaging the fabric and obtaining a good hand feel. The enzyme treatment ensures thorough and safe desizing.


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Neutral Desizing Enzyme for Textile Advantages

  1. It does not damage the fiber, with good hand feel, the color of the denim is bright and standard after desizing;
  2. It can reduce the amount of chemical use
  3. It can be used in both medium and high temperature conditions
  4. It is suitable for the various starch and slurry desizing of denim and woven grey cloth


Neutral Desizing Enzyme for Textile Process Conditions

Process parameters


Operating range


Optimum range




1 g/L ~2 g/L


1 g/L ~2 g/L




5.0 ~ 7.0






25 ℃ ~ 95 ℃


50 ℃ ~ 95 ℃






Adjust according to vehicle speed, process and desizing rate


Neutral Desizing Enzyme for Textile Trait

Appearance: yellow or brown liquid (the color may vary slightly from batch to batch without implying the enzyme activity), slightly fermented smell.

Packing: Liquid 25Kg / barrel.

Storage: Store at 25 ° C or lower to extend shelf life. Please use it immediately after lid opened.


Neutral Desizing Enzyme for Textile Transport & Storage

This enzyme is a biologically active substance. It should be protected from exposure to direct sunlight and rain during storage and transportation. h2 light, high temperature and humidity will cause enzyme inactivation. Store at 25 ° C or less and the indicated enzyme activity is maintained for at least 6 months.


Neutral Desizing Enzyme for Textile Precautions

This enzymet is non-flammable and it is compatible with water. Avoid contact with the body or inhaling its dry powder. Accidental spillage or inadvertent contact with skin or eyes should be flushed immediately with water.


After-sales Service

For technical problems such as product performance and application, the company’s technical service personnel will be glad to provide you with professional services.



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