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Use of Paraffin Wax with Different Melting Points

Why does wax have a low melting point?

High melting point – this wax is perfect for cylindrical, hand dipped, molded, molded or sculpted gift candles. This kind of paraffin wax is very hard and cannot retain its fragrance. The melting temp of candle wax is 145 degrees Fahrenheit or 63 degrees Celsius. This wax is used to make the various waxes mentioned above so that the candle does not sink on its own as it cools. If you make a candle from this wax, you need additives. Medium melting point – this wax is used to make prayer candles and sometimes container candles. This type of paraffin wax melting point is 127-145 degrees Fahrenheit or 53-63 degrees Celsius. This wax feels harder than low-melting wax, but it holds its shape better. This kind of wax is good at keeping the fragrance, but additives are needed. This type of wax is lumpy and needs to be cut into small pieces to melt. Low melting point – this type of wax melts at 127 degrees Fahrenheit or 53 degrees Celsius. Soft wax is an ideal material for making candle containers and has the properties of lasting fragrance until the candle burns out. Softer paraffins have many advantages, but they are more difficult to process and emit more soot than other waxes. Once you decide on the type of candle you want to make, you can choose the most suitable paraffin wax. No matter where you buy the paraffin wax, you must know the paraffin wax melting point. In this way, the gift candles will look good. You also need detailed instructions on how to use the wax when you buy it.


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