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Mesothermal Alpha Glucoamylase


Mesothermal Alpha Glucoamylase is extracted by Bacillus any breach No.BF7658 after liquid culture and fermentation, which can efficiently catalyze the hydrolysis of starch. This product is applicable to the „liquefaction“ process of industries such as glucose, caramel, alcohol, beer, monosodium glutamate, rice wine, liquor, and antibiotics. It can also be used in the „desizing“ process of the textile industry. Shingenzyme is one of the reliable glucoamylase suppliers from China.


Product info


Mesothermal Alpha Glucoamylase Components

Mesothermal Alpha Glucoamylase, Stabilizer, Dispersant


Specifications/Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Appearance requirements: dark brown liquid preparation, allowing a small amount of precipitation, the smell of normal microbial fermentation products.

PH (25 ℃): 5.5 to 7.0

PH value suitable for the use of the enzyme: the optimal pH value is 6.0-6.5, and the inactivation is severe below 5.0.

Density: 1.25 g/mL or less

Enzyme activity: > 2000u/mL

Effect of temperature: suitable for 85-90 ℃, instant liquefaction

Stability of calcium ions: calcium ions have a protective effect on it.


Mesothermal Alpha Glucoamylase Health Indicators

Heavy metals (Pb)% less than 0.004

The total number of colonies CFU/mL is less than 50000.

Coli group MPN/100mL is less than 3000.

Mold CFU/mL is less than 200.

Salmonella should not be detected.


Definition of Enzyme Activity

Under the condition of 60 ℃ and pH6.0, 1 g of solid powder enzyme hydrolyze casein within 1 minute to produce 1 mu g enzyme tyrosine as a unit.


Mesothermal Alpha Glucoamylase Packing

Carton or non-toxic polyester bag packaging, 25kg/ bag (box)


Mesothermal Alpha Glucoamylase Storage

Store in a dry place with low temperature to avoid high temperature.


Period of Validity

25 ℃, 6 months, you can keep the enzymatic activity 90% or higher.


Mesothermal Alpha Glucoamylase Usage

6-10u/g starch raw material.


Safety Matters

Enzymes are proteins that can cause allergies or allergic reactions in certain people. Prolonged contact may cause discomfort in the skin, eyes, and nasal mucosa. Therefore, any overflow, even a small overflow should be cleaned up in time. Wash the enzyme solution immediately on the skin or eyes with water and seek guidance from a specialist.


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