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I had entails using a timer to OSRS gold

Another thought I had entails using a timer to OSRS gold get teleporting/logging out in the wilderness (such as Darkscape). Teleporting should then be permitted in any level of wilderness. To coincide with this teleblock ought to be added to each of spellbooks as the only means to stop the teleport is TB them, or cause them to auto retaliate, or to kill the opponent.

Demand for TB should also be reduced to 25. The other choice is to simply have combat interrupt teleports over lvl 30 wilderness, but not under (unless the person teleporting interrupts their teleport into eat/fight etc). Cursed energy should maintain its existing restrictions (TB work ).

Just make cursed energy untradable, that is definitely the main reason why several robots move in the wildy anyway. Then runescape players can still use it to training and it should greatly reduce botting since they’re mostly on f2p and the light energy they can convert it is nearly useless.

They could maintain the mechanic were cursed energy gets rid of all limitations to make everybody by anybody in the crater attackable. Then they could add a mechanic similar to the bloodwood trees in which the cursed energy disappears when you move too far in the Buy Rs gold crater if folks think that it’s not risk like that. You would have to transmute it near the crater to not lose it, if you gather energy for invention or moneymaking there. When they go this route then they could perhaps also give cursed energy a small stack limit to induce folks to transmute it into tradable energies frequently.


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