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I was getting started on my next account

Met with them while fishing and studying things in conversation. I am not really a people person, therefore I believe it is tough to speak with people even online. We used to do random stuff and I found it simple to speak to him. He would convince me to play servers that are shitty so we could practice pking. When it initially came out, Produced RuneScape gold pures together. But of levelling the accounts, sometime while we where in the end that he simply never logged in again. I recall being really sad about it. I hope he just moved on with his life and nothing terrible happened.

Been playing back in the afternoon of this giveaway that is partyhat. I used to have several great friends on the internet in-game and out of memory I think all of us started chatting while fishing lobsters. All kinda drifted apart as we got older, got married and stopped playing. To enjoying recently after a break of a couple of years I’ve just came back and it is a time on runescape. My friends list in match still has the names on it but none of them log into any more. I do miss the social side but can’t work out how to explore the whole clan side of things.

Back in 2006-ish, I was getting started on my next account (first got blasted ) and I had been fighting Lumbridge cow pasture territory with some other nooblet. We fought a lot of times distribute through many unique days. We must have had the exact same schedule. We managed to have over the bunny fight pits and move on to training Woodcutting in Draynor Together with the both of us being too stubborn to hop worlds. We had been skilling bros.This is your sad paragraph. Immediately he told me he’d been with thoughts of suicide and opened up.

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We stood on top of the church tower north of the Varrock Museum and just… talked. About RuneScape along with his crappy math teacher and really just anything. That night I stayed up until past midnight and simply attempted to get him to continue speaking. Finally we said good night and he logged out. I have him. Heis directly on top and’s the oldest friend. I share it but it is a little offensive for some, so suffice it to say I haven’t seen him login and I have not seen that name on another mmo. I think about him every time I’m in Varrock’s side.

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