The β-glucan enzyme of Shingenzyme is refined by using liquid fermentation and post treatment technology. β-glucanase can efficiently and exclusively decompose the glycoside bonds in β-glucan and degrade it into oligosaccharides and monosaccharides, which changes the hydrophilicity and viscosity of β-glucan.


Product info


Definition of Enzyme Activity

Under the condition of 50℃ and pH 4.8, the amount of enzyme required to degrade and release 1μ mol reducing sugar from 1.0 mg/mL dextran solution per minute is one enzyme activity unit U, and the amount of reducing sugar is equal to that of dextran.


Glucanase Appearance

Powder: light yellow powder, good fluidity 40 mesh screening rate≥90%, dry weight loss ≤10%

Liquid: Brown or light yellow liquid, density 1.1-1.2 g / ml


Glucanase Specification

Liquid: 30 kg / barrel, 200kg / barrel, 1000kg / barrel

Powder: 25kg / bag

Enzyme activity: 20000U/g(mL),50000U/g(mL)

Special packaging specifications or enzyme activities can be customized according to customers‘ needs.


Glucanase Efficacy

It is beneficial to digest and absorb nutrients by changing the characteristics of intestinal contents, the activity of digestive enzymes and the environment of intestinal microorganisms. Adding β-glucan to the pig feed with barley as the main energy can improve energy utilization and protein utilization. Adding β-glucanase to laying hens’diet can obviously improve the digestibility of crude protein, crude fat and dry matter of the diet, and the synergistic effect of xylanase and cellulase can improve the nutrient utilization rate of the diet.


Glucanase enzyme Usage

When the product is used, it needs to be mixed with a small amount of premixed feed, then enlarged step by step, and then added to the feed.

Adjustment formula: By adding this product, the metabolic energy or digestive energy of the original feed formula can be reduced by 30-100 kcal/kg, and the formula cost can be reduced.


Glucanase Note

1.Storage and transportation: This product is a bio-active substance. It can avoid exposure to rain, h2 light, high temperature and humidity during storage and transportation. It should be stored below 25 ℃and the labeled enzyme activity can be maintained for at least 6 months.


2.Note: This product is not combustible and can be safely mixed with water. Avoid contact with the body or inhalation of dry powder. Flush or accidentally contact with skin or eyes should be rinsed immediately.


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