Feed Enzymes

Feed enzymes releases the nutrient combined with phytase phosphorus such as minerals, amino acids, digestive ferment and microelement; it improves the nutrient value of cereal grains like bean pulp, helping it work more efficiently. Animal feed enzymes increase the digestibility of the crude protein of bait, crude fat and dry matter, enhancing the availability of feed nutrition. Feed enzymes in poultry nutrition is beneficial to the formation of healthy enteric microorganisms, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and reduce the diseases.  Enzymes used in poultry feed changes the environment where the characteristics of intestinal contents of monogastric animal, the activity of digestive ferment and enteric microorganisms function, good to the digestion and absorption of animals to nutrient substances; textile enzymes lowers the incidence of a disease of poultry and advances animals’ healthy growth. As a professional enzyme manufacturer, Shingenzyme offers the following quality feed enzymes for you!




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