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Supporting equipment and production process

The impact of stone powder on the flexural Mobile Manufacturing Sand Machine strength of concrete Whether the flexural strength meets the design requirements will directly affect the overall quality and service life of the pavement, especially the cement concrete pavement, which is directly affected by the repeated effects of vehicle loads and environmental factors (such as temperature and humidity). Effect, so concrete slabs must have higher flexural strength.

According to the experience of Jaw Crusher for Stone Processing Line selection and the principle of energy saving and consumption reduction, the supporting equipment and production process were optimized, and the main production equipment was selected. By selecting a rotary continuous distributor and a rotary volute discharger with good airtightness, and replacing the air blower with an air compressor, the total energy consumption of the fan is reduced by about 10%; the exhaust pipe of the carbonization tower is sealed and connected in parallel to the carbonization Exhaust gas is processed uniformly to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.

Calcium carbonate is a widely used inorganic functional filler, often used as an additive and a reinforcing agent. Although the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, where this project is located, is rich in ore resources, it is basically used to produce heavy calcium carbonate products and light calcium carbonate products with low added value. In order to improve the status quo, increase the added value of products and their output, this project uses limestone and anthracite as raw materials, and determines that the annual output of 100,000 tons of light calcium carbonate is the research project. Through comparison of the existing processes, the intermittent bubbling carbonization method is determined as the process flow for the production of light calcium carbonate, and it is designed in detail.

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