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I am simply curious to RS gold what

This comment isn’t to begin a war or despise thread or anything. I am simply curious to RS gold what people answer to the question… but does the MTX genuinely effect you? I understand the whole mindset of’it will only get worse’, but other than that, why? Apart from being obnoxious and on mind, it does not influence me.cough Those damn trees and drakes cough I really don’t care about my highscore rank compared to others as runescape game is older af. I don’t care if someone spends money on runescape game to quickly track themselves forward of me.

While doing this, I’m playing at my pace and experiencing what I could. I say this so I missed out because back in the day I did bot an account to maximum WITHOUT being prohibited. I felt robbed of the but it was my fault. However, not only that, but you are losing a great deal of efficiency by not doing quests to unlock content… skilling in regions to acquire rep such as Menaphos. Think of all of the things you CANNOT do with assistance from MTX.

Granted you can get sufficient GP to purchase items that completely outclass these items and even some of these’overpowered’ promos like the shadow gems, but there are far better armors out there and you can get around 10m one hour leeching ED3 farming runs. It will not take long to find enough gold to upgrade your gear. I am good at spending money on games that I play regardless whether its something that’s F2P like League of Leggos or something like Destiny two or RS3. So perhaps I have that is why it doesn’t effect me as much or I am not grasping the total hate over MTX and more discipline than others.

But does the MTX genuinely effect you? Game ethics is taken. You go and look at an achievement. “Wow. That individual has earned X.” That is a big motivating factor for many individuals. Just because you do not talk about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Even Jagex themselves used to stand behind that. We don’t need runescape players to be able to buy their way to success in RuneScape. If we let runescape players begin doing so, it devalues RuneScape for fastest way to earn money in runescape others. We believe your status in real-life shouldn’t influence your ability to be successful in RuneScape.

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