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Definition and Working Principle of Balance Valve

The balance valve is a dynamic and static balance valve under the hydraulic condition. Balance valve can be divided into: static balance valve, dynamic balance valve and differential pressure independent balance valve.

The static balance valve changes the flow resistance through the valve by changing the clearance (opening) between the valve core and the valve seat and adjusting the kV (valve flow capacity) of the valve, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating the flow. Its object is the resistance of the system, eliminating the phenomenon of resistance imbalance in the system so that the new water can be balanced and distributed according to the proportion calculated in the design, and each branch at the same time according to the ratio cases increase or decrease.

Dynamic balance valve is divided into dynamic flow balance valve and dynamic differential pressure control valve.

The dynamic flow balance valve automatically changes the resistance coefficient according to the system working condition (differential pressure). Within a certain range of differential pressure, it can effectively control the flow to keep a constant value. Usually, the dynamic flow balancing valve is applied to the constant flow system or to the outlet of the main engine with constant frequency at the primary side.

The dynamic differential pressure balance valve uses the differential pressure to adjust the opening of the valve and uses the pressure drop change of the valve core to make up for the change of the pipeline resistance so that the differential pressure can be kept basically unchanged when the working condition changes.

The dynamic differential pressure balance valve is usually used with the static balance valve. Because the dynamic differential pressure balance valve can not directly measure the flow in the pipeline, it needs the cooperation of the static balance valve to accurately debug.

How does a balancing valve work?
Balance valve is a kind of regulating valve with a special function of a digital lock. It adopts a DC valve body structure and has better equal percentage flow characteristics. It can distribute flow reasonably and effectively solve the problem of uneven temperature and heat in the heating system. At the same time, the pressure drop and flow rate can be adjusted accurately to improve the liquid flow state in the pipe network system, so as to achieve the purpose of liquid balance and energy saving in the pipe network.
The valve is equipped with opening indication, opening locking device and small pressure measuring valve for flow measurement. As long as the balance valve of appropriate specification is installed at each branch and user inlet, and the valve is locked after one-time debugging with special intelligent instrument, the total water volume of the system is controlled within a reasonable range, so as to overcome the unreasonable phenomenon of “large flow, small temperature difference”.
The balance valve can be installed on the water supply pipe or the return pipe. Generally, it should be installed on the return pipe, especially for the high-temperature loop. For the convenience of debugging, it should be installed on the return pipe, and the water supply (return) pipe installed with the balance valve does not need to be provided with a stop valve.
The balance valve is installed in the pipeline system, and the ratio of the characteristic resistance number of the system pipeline is changed by adjusting it to meet the design requirements. After the system debugging, there is no static hydraulic imbalance. If the commissioning qualified system is in the partial load operation state when the total flow is reduced, the flow of each branch pipe regulated by the balance valve will automatically decrease year-on-year, but the flow ratio set by each branch pipe will not change.

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