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This solution is totally artificial

This solution is totally artificial, and although we’ve attempted to Kamas Dofus Retro limit the addition of everyday content through time, we don’t want to do it in this specific form.Impose limits on exchanges: stop Dofus players from buying items obtained in the dungeons, so that they have to earn their way through every last bit of their material (often several times) whenever they want all of the benefits. Obviously we don’t much like this solution either: DOFUS relies in large part on its own exchange system, and limiting that would do more damage than good.

Produce a great deal of content: 20 dungeons will provide Dofus players a more in-game experience than 5 dungeons. But that would mean investing more funds — and besides, quantity isn’t the same thing as quality. Produce replayable content. This is the solution that is preferred before Achievements were introduced: adding content with very infrequent loot ensuring a very long lifespan. We have turned away from this approach (to some Dofus gamers‘ great disappointment, so we know) for 2 chief reasons: DOFUS is a tactical game, so it’s inherently less interesting when played : once you’ve won a battle, doing it is easier.

The whole challenge is coming up with a winning approach. The battle doesn’t change from one iteration to the next (or not much, largely to restrict the impact of random factors on the results of conflicts ), so it often unfolds in an (nearly ) identical manner every time.Having to experience exactly the very same dungeons over and over heavily penalized single-account Dofus players and less frequent Dofus players, that didn’t necessary have the opportunity to experience these dungeons regularly. On average, Dofus players had to complete 15 to 20 dungeons per character in order to construct even one item.

And sure Dofus players didn’t get any reward whatsoever if they had been Buy Dofus Kamas echo unlucky. Produce harder content: offer relatively difficult dungeons that need a major investment of effort and time to achieve victory, but using a big reward for your first success. Obviously, this last alternative is the one we have decided to go with, in part because a number of those Dofus player feedback we received in the past was fairly critical of the difficulty level of this material we were producing (which was viewed as being too simple ).

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