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Reasons for Choosing Computer Riser Standing Desk

Five reasons for using a computer riser standing desk:


1.Standing can make us live longer


“Sitting for a long time” is equal to “Chronic suicide”. Is it exaggeration? Not at all. The study found that people who sat for more than six hours a day had a 20% higher mortality rate than those who sat for only three hours a day. Another study showed that people who sat for more than 23 hours a week had a 64% higher risk of cardiovascular disease than those who sat for only 11 hours.


When you’re sitting, the electrical activity of your muscles is almost zero, and the energy consumption of your body is minimal. This will bring about a series of negative effects in the long run. Your heart rate, metabolic rate, insulin availability and high-quality cholesterol levels will all decrease. The body stops synthesizing lipase and other molecules, which are secreted only when the muscles contract, such as standing or walking. These substances break down fat and glycogen; without them, your metabolism will go wrong.


  1. Standing can lose weight


Heart rate and calorie expenditure decrease while sitting.


  1. Prevent pain of the waist and back


Lack of exercise in the back can also cause pain, and this is mostly caused by sitting for a long time. Standing can strengthen your back muscles and improve your posture. Many people say that the pain in the back has eased a lot since they switched to standing office.


  1. Focus your attention


Standing can help you improve your concentration in many ways. First of all, you don’t feel sleepy, and just want to rest your head on the table to fall asleep; your muscles are tense, which is not as comfortable as sitting, so you can keep alert. Secondly, you will be more energetic. When standing, your legs can move around, and you can even twist towards all directions without dead corners, which is free. There’s another benefit: Standing can promote blood flow, so your brain can get more blood supply and bring you more fantastic ideas.


  1. Moderate fatigue


Work in the standing state can keep you alert, but it also gives you a moderate sense of fatigue, so you can sleep better.


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