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The Benefits of the TV Elevator Stand

In the China’s popular TV drama „All IS WELL“, the character Su Daqiang was fascinated by its luxury when he first arrived at her daughter’s home, but he did not find the TV after turning around. It turned out that the TV in the house of Mingyujia can be raised through a remote control, so that Su Daqiang and Mingchen play together for a long time. After this episode was broadcasted, the company saw that many netizens were very interested in this kind of TV elevator stand. In fact, the TV itself is nothing special. From the information of its back design, ultra-narrow blue border, we can see that this TV is xiaomi TV 4, which may be not as expensive as your home TV, so how does it achieve the lifting?


In fact, it is not difficult to make the TV rise and fall. The core component is an electric TV elevator stand bracket. After the TV is hung, it can be controlled by remote control.


Of course, only one bracket is not enough. Lifting TV bracket needs to be used in conjunction with custom TV cabinet. Only in this way can TV be truly hidden. It can also ensure that the style of TV cabinet and the whole home environment is in harmony, and it can increase a lot of storage space.


In addition to the visual enjoyment, there are still many benefits to make the TV rise and fall automatically. TV can be completely hidden when not watching, reducing the occupancy of space, and avoiding dust falling into. It is more convenient and practical for families who do not often watch TV.



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