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L-Series Imaging Photometer

L-Series Imaging Luminancemeter is ideal for high precision, high speed luminance measurement. L-Series of Imaging Luminancemeter is equipped with 2 million, 16 million and 20million pixel resolution CMOS detector, provides excellent luminance test solutions. Widely used in luminance measurement of FPD, automotive panel luminance analysis, etc.


L-Series Imaging Photometer Characteristic

L-Series Imaging Luminancemeter is equipped with 2 million, 16 million and 20million pixel resolution CMOS detector , provides excellent luminance test solutions.

L-2 measurement speed up to 100FPS at full resolution, making it ideal for high precision, high speed measurement applications.

L-16 features high frame rate and 128M DDR buffer memory,  even in low configuration operating environments,  it can be measured quickly.

L-20 with an ultra-high resolution of 2.4um, back-illuminated sensor and it can measure noise as low as one electron.

Support for reading and merging arbitrary partial images (ROI).

Multiple exposure and ND filters to achieve a wide range of measurement and up to 1000000:1 contrast.

L-Series is equipped with a Y filter.

L-Series Imaging Photometer Application

Uniformity of Flat Panel Displays

Backlit Keyboards

Mobile & Backlight Uniformity Analysis

Avionics and Automotive Panels & Ambient light Analysis

Luminance Analysis

LED, Lens Beam Analysis

LED Lighting Products

Glare analysis of roads, indoor, tunnels, etc.


L-Series Imaging Photometer Specification

Model L-2 L-16 L-20
Detector 1 / 1.2 “ 4/3 “ 1″
Total Pixel 2.28million 16.21million 20.44million
EffectivePixels 1920 * 1200 4634 * 3500 5540 * 3690
Pixel Size 5.68μm * 5.68μm 3.8μm * 3.8μm 2.4mm * 2.4mm
Dynamic Range >1000000:1(Multiple exposure/ND filter)
Cooled System Two stage TEC.(Typical -45 below Ambient)
TO 16bits
Exposure Time 16μsec~60sec
Measurement Function Luminance
Luminance Measurement range 0.0001 to100,000cd/m2
Accuracy*¹ ± 3%
Repeatability (σ) * ¹ ± 0.5%
Optional lens type 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 100mm F interface lens
Dimension 88*88*150mm (L*W*H)
Interface LAN
Operating temperature 5 to50ºC
Input voltage AC adapter

*1. Measurement of luminance and chromaticity in the RayClouds conditions (using 1000cd/m2 standard light source, LED backlight, 6500K LCD display).

*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

L-Series Imaging Photometer Ordering Details

Name Category Number
Lens 24mm










LAN-Cable 3m






AC Adapter 5V-3A L-PW-0503
PROICM Software V1.0 Throw-V1.0
Software Manual throw L-SM-V1
Key USB L-KEY-19
Calibration Certificate Standard Light Source A

LED Light Source

Standard LCD at 6500K




ND Filters(Optional) 10 times

100 times



Tripod(Optional) THREE L-TR-258
Instrument suitcase(Optional) L*W*H (390*285*120mm) L-PK-065

*Note: Please order the appropriate product specifications according to your needs.

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