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TSP(Thermally Stable Polycrystalline Diamond)

TSP diamond is made of diamond micro powder and a small amount of binder sintered under high temperature and high pressure. It has high wear resistance, strong impact toughness, good thermally stability, and dense structure, and is widely used in the manufacture of petroleum, geological drill bits, and Machining tools and gem processing.


Thermally Stable Polycrystalline Diamond (TSP) is also called polycrystalline diamond solid pieces. TSP consists of diamond powder & bonder and is made in an ultra-high pressure and high temperature. TSP features good thermally stability up to 1200°C, due to its thermally expansion binder the same as diamond and its chemical inertness.


Application: drilling bits and gauging.


We supply all types of TSP with various shapes and hardness.


Diameter x length x angle  
Ф1×1.2×120° □1.0×1.0x1.0
Ф1.2×3.5×120° □1.5×1.5×1.5
Ф1.1×3.5×180° □ 1.5×1.5×3
Ф1.5×3.5×180° □1.5×1.5×4/5
F1.5x4x180 ° □ 2x2x2
Ф1.8x4x180° □2.5×2.5×2.5
Ф2x4x120°/180° □2.5×2.5×5
Ф2.7x4x120° □2.6×2.5×1.5
Ф3x3x180° □ 3x3x3
Ф3×2.6×180° □ 3.5×3.5×3.5
Ф3x5x120°/ 180° □ 3x3x4
Ф3x6x120° □ 3x3x6
Ф3.3×6.3×180 ° □ 3x3x5
Ф4x4x180° □ 4x4x2.5
Ф4x5x90 ° / 180 ° □ 4x4x4
Ф4x6x120° □ 4x4x6
Ф5x4x180 ° □ 4x4x8
Ф5x5x120°/180° □ 5x5x5
Ф5.3×2.1×180° □ 5x5x8
Ф6x3x180° □5.3×3.2×1.5
F6x4x180 ° □ 16x12x6
Ф6x6x120°/180° △ 4x4x4x2.6
Ф6x8x120°/180° △ 5x5x5x3
Ф6x12x120°/180° △ 6x6x6x3.5
Ф6.3×3.3×180 ° △ 6x6x6x4
Ф6.3xФ5.2×3.3×180 ° △ 6x6x6x4.5
Ф8×2.6×180° △ 6x6x6x5
Ф10×2.2×180° △6.2×6.2×4.3
Ф13×2.5×180° △ 7x7x7x2
Ф13x3x180° 3x3x10 R1.5
Ф13×3.5×180° Hexaganal 8×3.5


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