Wedge Gate Valve

Description of Wedge Gate Valve:

ZECO wedge gate valve is one of the gate valve types. Wedge gate valves are named because the two sealing surfaces resemble wedges in the body. In general, the two wedge gate valve sealing surface and the Angle of the vertical center line of 2 ° 52 ‚, 3 ’30 °, 5 °, 8 °, and so on. Wedge gate valves can be divided into rising stem gate valve and non-rising stem gate valve according to the stem structure, and wedge gate valve and double disc gate valve according to the gate structure. ZECO is a professional gate valve manufacturer in China, with nearly 30 years of experience and history in the production of gate valves.


Features of Wedge Gate Valve:

1.ZECO split wedge gate valve adopts wedge type gate, because the Angle of the gate is wedge type with the vertical center line, it can be closed more and more tightly in the closing process, further ensuring the sealing effect;

  1. ZECO wedge gate valve adopts lifting stem, which can visually see the opening or closing state of the valve from a distance and is easier to judge. The stem and gate are connected by t-groove, and the t-head of the stem is forged as a whole to ensure sufficient connection strength;
  2. ZECO wedge gate valveis designed with a sealed design that allows replacement of the packing when fully open. This design ensures that the packing can be replaced online when it needs to be replaced if the packing is damaged, preventing personnel waste caused by disassembly of the valve;
  3. ZECO wedge gate valve is designed with anti-collision protection on the flange surface when it leaves the factory, which can protect the convex surface connected with the pipe flange during transportation and prevent damage of the valve in collision.


ZECO Valve Group, founded in 1991 located in Shanghai, Yancheng, Wenzhou with focus on manufacturing international standard valve. Contact us to know more!


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