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Prospects for the Future of New Batteries from the Development of Rechargeable Battery Technology

Small rechargeable battery cell refer to battery that can complete multiple charging and discharging cycles. Their applications have penetrated almost all military and civil power energy fields. Considering security and other factors, the specific energy of rechargeable batteries is generally lower than that of civilian batteries. At present, the most widely used small rechargeable battery cell is lithium-ion battery, but there are also a series of problems in the use process. The bottleneck problem is low specific energy and small capacity.


Overall, the development direction of rechargeable batteries is: higher specific energy and specific work, better cycle performance, reliable safety performance and relatively low cost.


In recent years, new battery technologies have emerged in endlessly. Many news reports have attracted people’s attention under the title of “battery ratio can be increased several times”, “charging and discharging speed can be increased several times”. However, most of the technologies are still in the early stage of laboratory research and development. The specific energy of batteries is generally calculated by the quality of electrode active materials, without considering the weight of battery packaging and safety protection system, which is not comparable with current lithium-ion batteries. The development of battery technology is a continuous process. The new technology from principle verification to maturity is restricted by material, process and cost. It is difficult to make “leap” progress in a short time.

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