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Design Key Points of SMC Moulding Design

SMC Moulding is an advanced composite casting method. The die is the basis of SMC technology. Good product quality guarantees reliable die. Therefore, in the process of SMC modeling design, die design is particularly important. In the design of casting machine tool for SMC Moulding design, the die cavity should be designed according to the specific size of the product. In addition to the product surface quality requirements and size requirements, select the appropriate materials.


In order to ensure the quality of the product and the feasibility of the process, the edge of the door and the ejection system should be aligned reasonably. The dividing surface design of SMC Moulding design is easy to demould, which ensures the accuracy, strength and convenience of the product. The following principles should be taken into account in surface selection: 1. Make the product easy to start, simplify the demoulding position of the die on the casting die as far as possible after the die is manufactured; 2. Minimize the damage outside the product. At the same time, it should be easy to remove the remaining flying edge; (3) light die manufacturing and die parts processing; (4) The influence of the thickness of the flying edge on the product accuracy should be considered when it comes to radial dimension accuracy. Vertical fractal surface is adopted to ensure the radial accuracy of the product. (5)The strength of the product is guaranteed to avoid sharp corners and thin products.


The design of farewell surface is very important. Die design must be carried out in the early stage of product design. Draw a farewell design drawing to ensure that the product can be demoulded smoothly and easy to produce. Machining accuracy requirements, the new die processing accuracy is basically three aspects: dimensional tolerance, shape and position tolerance and roughness. In general, tolerance and roughness are the main requirements for the processing accuracy of mould manufacturers. Dimensional tolerances can be roughly divided into size and cavity size. The size requirements of the two kinds of dies are relatively loose, and the actual processing size and theoretical size error of the dies do not exceed±1.5 mm). The required dimensional accuracy of the die cavity must be checked strictly according to the drawings, generally no more than 0-0.1 mm. We call it the surface accuracy of the die generally refers to the roughness of the die cavity. After treatment, the roughness of the die cavity is generally required. According to the actual surface product requirements, we can put forward the corresponding die surface treatment accuracy.


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