WCB Gate Valve

Description of Wcb Gate Valve:

ZECO WCB gate valve design reference API 600. WCB gate valves meet ASME B16.10 face to face dimensions. Pipe flanges are surface treated periodically and drilled to a 0.062” (1.5mm) raised surface in accordance with ASME B16.5. Pipe flange raised surface is processed according to MSS sp-6. The wedge is an solid wedge with greater sealing capacity and lower torque requirements. The operation adopts non-rising handwheel. The closed direction is on the right. The WCB gate valve is driven by closed bevel gear. For remote control, these valves can be equipped with electric or pneumatic operating actuator. The gate valves are hydrostatically and pneumatically tested in accordance with the requirements of API 598.


Features of Wcb Gate Valve:

1.The design of the body and bonnet joints of ZECO WCB gate valve requires an even load on the gasket to ensure a tight seal.1500 lb, including 1500 lb usually can use bolted bonnet structure, but 1500 lb of pressure seal structure is used;

  1. The wedge of ZECO WCB gate valve has accurate guide slots, assuring true alignment and providing full guidance during operation. In this way, the gate sealing surface can be exactly matched with the valve seat sealing surface to maintain the zero leakage seal;
  2. ZECO WCB gate valve is provided with a backseat bushing in the bonnet, enabling the replacement of the stem packing when the valve is in the wide open position. However, ZECO does not recommend users to replace the packing when the valve is under pressure, because after all, there is no professional guidance, which is easy to cause danger;
  3. ZECO is a professional manufacturer of WCB gate valves. We have long-term strategic cooperation agreements with a number of foundry companies. Even if the order volume is large, ZECO can deliver the goods to users in a short time.


As a professional china valve supplier, ZECO Valve Group, founded in 1991 located in Shanghai, Yancheng, Wenzhou with focus on manufacturing international standard valve. Contact us to know more!


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