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LEDFUL Rental Stage LED Display More Advantages and Features

Indoor and Outdoor Rental LED display, Pitch P1.9, P2.2, P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, P4.8, P5.6, P6.9, share the same cabinet frame, control box and accessories, which help clients set up safety stock and upgrade the screen resolution within budget.


Full Front Maintenance, Not only module front service, but also power supply, receiver card, hub, etc. Quick Exchangeable Control Box For Easy Maintenance. Time Saving, Remove the LED modules without disconnect cables, it will save a lot of time in the show.


Wall Mounted for Fixed Installation. Each corner of cabinet have a screw hole, screw M8 bolts to fix bare cabinet on the wall. Assembly modules onto the cabinet. Curved Installation with every 2.5°between -7.5°and 10°, which can make convex and concave. Climbing structure can help you make convenient maintenance. 4mm stands at the bottom of cabinet, prevent edge pixels damage when put cabinet upright on the ground.


No light leakage design with specific strips on side of cabinet and behind neighbour module.Different spacing of location pins on up and down sides of control box. Package Flight case and Wooden Case


Set safety stock / save material cost. Different LED display pixel pitch match the same cabinet frame, control box, power supply, data and power cable, flight case packing, etc. So you only need buy different pixel pitch modules to upgrade your screen resolution.


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