Wcb Ball Valve

Description of Wcb Ball Valve:

As one of the most professional wcb ball valve suppliers, ZECO WCB ball valve is suitable for natural gas, oil, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and other industries, including floating ball valves, trunnion moutned ball valves and top entry ball valves. The floating ball valve is simple structure type. It has two seat supporting the ball, the ball can tightly move towards the sealing to ensure seal at outlet end. When the trunnion mounted ball valve is in use, all the forces generated by the medium pressure in front of the ball valve in the pipeline on the ball are transferred to the upper and lower bearings, and the ball will not move. The top entry ball valve’s leaking points are less than floating and trunnion mounted ball valve.


Features of Wcb Ball Valve:

1.In the closed position, each seat shuts off the process media independently on each side, or simultaneously on both sides of the ball, the cavity can be vented/bled via vent or drain plugs on the valve body;

  1. The anti-static device is a standard feature of ZECO WCB ball valve. A spring-loaded pin assures the electric continuity between the ball, stem and body, to avoid sparking during the turning of the stem to open and close the ball valve;
  2. The stem of ZECO WCB ball valve is made separately from the ball. The lower end of the stem is designed with an integral shoulder to be blowout-proof;
  3. ZECO WCB ball valve has two o-ring seals, preventing leakage from the stem area.


As a professional valve factory,  ZECO Valve Group focus on manufacturing international standard valve. Contact us to know more!


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