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VTOL Fixed Wing Drone T20

Long-distance and high-speed cruise

More simple operation settings

Powerful oil movement support

Simple Operation

High Precision


T20 commercial quadcopter is a VTOL fixed wing UAV, which adopts hybrid configuration of fixed wing and quadrotor. Based on this special airframe design, vtol fixed wing drone can vertically takeoff and land and have no need for runway, takeoff and land airspace nor catapult. It has the ability of long-distance and high-speed cruise.


The industrial flight control and navigation system, which is specially designed for T20 series UAV, ensure the UAV can realize fully-autonomous flight, switch of flight mode and vertically takeoff and land, etc. No need for runway, takeoff and land airspace nor catapult let T20 can operate in complex terrain like mountains, hills and forest, and dense region of buildings, etc. These characteristics enlarge the application of T20 which is an ideal choice of industrial UAV.


More simple operation settings

Longer flight time

More secure detail protection

More professional air frame design

More powerful oil movement support

More advanced integrated configuration

Long Voyage: Single-flight 4- 6h, greater than 144km/h

Simple Operation: fully auto- magically intelligent section box to adjust the route fixed-point landing, survey data will be safely returned.

High Precision: upgrade based on the flight experience in different types of terrain. The final aerial survey data was field verified by Wuhan University professor and the horizontal accuracy was 1: 500.


Features of Long Range Fixed Wing Drone

Simple configuration design: Easy to assembly in short time

VTOL: No requirement for runway, takeoff and land airspace nor catapult, high efficiency

RTK: High positioning accuracy

Full automatic operation: Full-automatically controlled by GCS, easy to use

High security level: Perfect system monitoring and emergency management


Applications of Fixed Wing Survey Drone

Heavy task in areas where multi-rotors drones cannot quickly cover

Fire inspection tour in jungle area, animal/plant resources survey

Complicated environment where fixed wing UAV cannot find a place to take off and landing

City emergency surveillance, rapid transit

Aerial photography in hilly areas

Surface ship pre-warning


Established in 2002, Shenzhen TitanFlying Technology Co., Ltd (TTF) is located in Shenzhen University Town, known as the Silicon Valley of China. TTF has more than 20 years’ experience on mechanical processing. We will continuously provide you our best-quality products with super material and unique technology. RFQ today!


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