Steel Sleeper

Steel railway sleeper can provide lower installation and maintenance costs and more efficient logistics that are designed to cater for all types of application, from meter gauge railways to mainline passenger and heavy haul freight routes.


Moreover, it requires less ballast than traditional concrete sleepers, contributing to lower track construction and renewal costs.


Advantage of Steel railway metal sleepers

Reduced logistics costs and improved handling due to lightweight

Time and cost savings at installation due to reduced ballast requirements

Reduced maintenance through improved track stability

We offer a wide range of steel railway sleeper designs for different applications, including for heavier axle loads and higher speeds


Weihai Ruihe Railway Sleepers Co.,Ltd, as the railway sleeper factory, has intensively collaborated on the best price railway sleepers market at home and abroad. We firmly believe: Responsibility contributes to the Value, and assure compliance with the strictest quality standards.

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