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Standing Desk Products

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the appearance of advanced equipment makes people’s work and life style different from the past. In addition to the way people work, people’s office posture is also slowly changing. We all know that sitting at a desk for a long time can cause physical damage. Some studies have shown that changing a desk that allows us to stand at work can reduce potential health risks.


At present, most of the tables on the market are highly fixed. Of course, some manufacturers have introduced products that can adjust height. However, buying the standing desk products is not so easy. Before we throw out the old desk, there are several aspects to consider.


  1. You need some time to get used to standing up.


From working in the sitting state to working in the standing state, we need a period to adapt to this change. In the process of working, you may enjoy standing for the first few hours, but after a long time, you will feel tired, and then you will find that you want to sit again.


  1. Burn more calories


In the process of standing up, we will feel more energetic and more focused. Research shows that standing up and working consumes 30% more calories than sitting and working.


  1. The height of the display is very important.


When you work at your desk, your elbow should be kept at about 90 degrees. The best angle of view at this time is to keep parallel to your wrist, that is, you can see the information on the monitor without bowing your head.


  1. You need a fatigue pad


Standing up and working can give us a lot of benefits, but your feet can be very painful, especially during the initial adaptation period. It’s normal to have the pain in the foot part. We can relieve it with anti-fatigue pads.


With these considerations in mind, you can try to change the way you work and try to buy standing desk products.



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