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How to Protect Your Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are becoming more and more popular, because fake trees and plants are more easily to take care of. People don’t have to water them everyday. Since a growing number people choose artificial trees and plants for decoration, today we would like to introducing you some tips about how to protect your artificial plants from fading.

For those who have artificial greenery decor at home or in your office, here are some tips for you to keep your artificial plants in a good condition. Although we don’t have to water the fake plants as real ones, we still have to clean it regularly. It’s necessary to remove the dust from the fake plant decor. Both dry and wet cloth can be used to clean the plants.

Another effective way to protect your artificial plants from fading is to use UV resistant spray. Without any measurements, those fake plants will soon fade under the sun’s UV rays. There are UV resistant spray for fake plants on the market. You may buy a suitable one at your local supermarket. However, if your fake plants are UV-resistant, which we also supply, it is no need to use the UV resistant spray again. The fake plants themselves are able to resist the sun’s UV.

If you want to keep your artificial plants in a good condition for a long time, don’t put them under the sun always. Change their location within the room to get less sunshine sometimes. For artificial outdoor wall plants, put a cover on it if the weather is extremely bad. It’s a good way to protect them.

Here are only some tips about protecting your artificial plants and trees. If you want to get more information or buy beautiful fake trees and plants, please contact our sales team through mikelu@beijingpalmtree.com.


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