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Tips to Choosing Artificial Plant Wall

Artificial plant wall is widely used in our daily life, especially in places like malls. Artificial green wall is easy to install and requires less care than living plants. Therefore, artificial plant wall panels are a good choice to decorate your home, office and even malls. Here are just some tips for you to choose the right installer of artificial plant wall. It is important to choose the artificial green wall installer in that artificial plant wall is everlasting.


The first step is to choose the artificial plants. With advanced technology, we now produce various kinds of artificial plants. For example, we Beijing Palm International Group Ltd. supply artificial bamboo trees, tall artificial palm trees and so on. According to different places, activities or even individual’s preference, you can choose different artificial plants to build your artificial plant wall decor. You can not only use one type of artificial plant to make the wall panels, but also use several different kinds of artificial plants and trees to make the artificial green wall installer. In this way, you can make your wall mounted artificial plants unique compared to other people’s artificial plant wall.


Secondly, it is about the material used by the artificial plants manufacturers. Material is the basis of the artificial plant wall panels. For example, we use UV protected materials for outdoor artificial plant walls. Our artificial wall covering have strong UV-protected ability and we also have fire-proof material to be selected.


Installation methods are one factor that matters a lot. It is important to make sure that the artificial plants are secured to the wall. Otherwise it may cause serious incidents. So we should use proper metal to hold the shape of those plants.


Above are some important tips to choosing artificial plant wall. If you want to know more information, please contact us through mikelu@beijingpalmtree.com. As a professional fake tree manufacturer, We provide high-quality products and service.


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