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Through Conduit Gate Valve

Description of Through Conduit Gate Valve:

We are one of the most professional through conduit gate valve manufacturers in China. ZECO through conduit gate valve is a straight pipe valve.The design is ideal to minimize pressure drop and prevent accumulation of external materials such as mud into the valve chamber. This valve type is widely used in oil and gas transportation and conforms to API 6D standard. ZECO through conduit gate valve is available in three types: with diversion hole, without diversion hole and with adjustment stricture. The pressure ranges from 150LB to 900LB and the size ranges from 1 inch to 48 inch. As a high-tech enterprise in China, ZECO is committed to creating ZECO brand through technology and innovation, and we believe that we have the ability to develop and produce world-class products to compete with international brands.


Features of Through Conduit Gate Valve:

1.ZECO through conduit gate valve is available in flanged and welded configurations. The short type through conduit gate valve without diversion hole adopts welding structure, which is short in structure and light in weight, especially suitable for pipeline devices requiring light in weight;

2.ZECO through conduit gate valve adopts floating seat structure, which makes the valve can be sealed in both directions. Resilient sealing structure of the valve seat seal for the double structure, PTFE can remove sand impurities and dirt, ensure good sealing; Metal sealing structure of the valve seat sealing surface surfacing hard alloy, hardness can reach HRC44~52, also can ensure the reliability of sealing;

3.No matter ZECO through conduit gate valve with diversion hole is fully open or fully closed, the gate and valve seat are always in contact with each other, the sealing surface will not be directly washed by the media, which extends the service life;

4.ZECO through conduit gate valve is available in all weather conditions without additional protection of the valve.


ZECO Valve Group, founded in 1991 located in Shanghai, Yancheng, Wenzhou with focus on manufacturing international standard valve. Contact us to know more!


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