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Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis

Peptide Synthesis Resins


Since Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis(we can also call it spps resins) was first proposed by Robert Bruce Merrifield, the method of synthetic peptides became more popular than liquid phase peptide synthesis because of high efficiency. This method could assemble a peptide chain rapidly through successive reactions of amino acid derivatives on an insoluble support.


The original peptide antibiotics are also biosynthesized and extracted from the culture of polymyxa or aeruginosa. Another synthetic method of peptides is chemical synthesis, which is divided into liquid phase chemical synthesis and solid phase chemical synthesis. The liquid phase method is mainly used for the synthesis of short peptides. The solid phase synthesis method can be used to prepare long-chain peptides, cyclic peptides, and complex. Peptide. The solid phase method is divided into a Boc method and an Fmoc method. It requires the solid phase synthesis of the carrier to achieve the growth of the peptide chain by means of stepwise amino acid condensation. The advantages of solid phase synthesis are ease of purification, shortening of the synthesis cycle, and ease of automation.


Solid phase peptide synthesis(SPPS) support consists of small, polymeric resin beads functionalized with reactive group such as amine or hydroxyl groups, which link to systhesis peptide chain step by step.


Solid phase peptide synthesis(SPPS) resins is insoluble in all common solvents but swells well in most organic solvents. Better swelling degree is benefit for the reaction yields, but for short peptide easy to synthesis, lower swelling degree will be suitable and it will be good at saving solvent.


Solid phase peptide synthesis Resins are rich in variety, complete in specifications and stable in performance.


Typical Applications

Solid phase synthesis of Bivalirudin

Solid phase synthesis of Eptifibatide

Solid phase synthesis of Exenatide

Solid phase synthesis of Liraglutide

Solid phase synthesis of thymopentin

Solid phase synthesis of Thymalfasin

Solid phase synthesis of Buserelin

Solid phase synthesis of Goserelin

Solid phase synthesis of Octreotide

Solid phase synthesis of Calcitonin


Our Customized Service

We also have good experiences in research and develop the amine acid pre-loading peptide resins, and we have extended resin backbone to hydrophilic matrix, such as DEG series, TEG series, PEG series. Welcome to ask for Sunresin!

Category List

Polystyrene   Resin Polystyrene resin bead

Merrifield   Resin Chloromethyl resin

2-Chlorotrityl Chloride Resin 2-CTC Resin

Resin Money 4-Benzyloxybenzy Alcohol resin

Aminomethyl Resin AM resin

MBHA resin 4-methylbenzhydrylamine Hydrochloride Salt Resin

Rink Amide Resin 4-(2′, 4′-Dimethoxyphenyl-Fmoc-aminomethyl)-phenoxymethyl resin

Rink Amide-AM Resin 4-(2′,4′-Dimethoxyphenyl-Fmoc-aminomethyl)-phenoxyacetamido-AM resin

Rink Amide-MBHA Resin 4-(2′,4′-Dimethoxyphenyl-Fmoc-aminomethyl)-phenoxyacetamido-MBHA resin

Sieber Resin 9-Fmoc-Aminoxanthen-3-yloxy-polystyrene resin

PAM Resin 4-Hydroxymethyl-phenylacetamidomethyl resin

Pre-loaded Amine Acid Resins Boc- or Fmoc- AA-resins


Sunresin is an innovation oriented high-tech enterprise. It is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of adsorption and separation polymer resins, equipments and customized solutions including tech-supporting services. If you are interested in our products, please contact us!


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