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Rink Amide-AM Resin

4-(2′,4′-Dimethoxyphenyl-Fmoc-aminomethyl)-phenoxyacetamido-AM resin

This rink amide AM resin comprises the modified Rink amide linker attached to aminomethyl resin, and is an ideal tool for the Fmoc SPPS of peptide amides. Cleavage from this resin can be effected by single step treatment with 95% TFA, providing peptide amides in high yields and purities.


Product No. Particle size (mesh) Loading (mmol/g resin)
LXSS08-1-1201 100-200; 200-400 0.3-0.6
LXSS08-1-1202 100-200; 200-400 0.6-0.8
LXSS08-1-1203 100-200; 200-400 0.8-1.0


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