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LEDFUL Advertising LED Display More Advantages and Features

LEDFUL LED commercial advertising display screen providing solutions for commercial advertising, video billboard, shopping mall, cooperate, media, government, etc


LEDFUL Energy Saving LED display by using high efficiency IC driver and improved PCB design and power conversion efficiency. Cylinder LED display, Curved LED display, 90 degrees LED display, Round LED display, LED ball, etc. LEDFUL supply more design and more solutions.


High bright and contrast ratio to make vivid color facing to the Sunlight.

Auto brightness saving energy besides protecting people in night time.

Better contrast ratio and viewing performance. Wide viewing angle increasing its value by covering more viewing


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China LED display, LED Display Manufacturer, LED Display Supplier, LED Display factory in China. Leading Rental LED Display Manufacturer

10 years Experience on LED Production

More Design & More Solution – One-Stop Rental LED Screen Solution Provider.


LEDFUL advertising LED display design for working in all weather outdoor environments. High protection grade of IP65 suitable for winter and cold areas like North European countries and Russia, and high temperature like KSA, Oman, UAE, etc. LED display control by computer, wifi, 4G, usb, remote, internet, mobile, pad, etc. Yes, you can control in your convenient management. Many screens together? No problem, your laptop can manage all of them whenever and wherever. LEDFUL provide structure frame design drawing and installation suggestions.


LEDFUL OF series more Features and more advantages. 3 times aging process, Salty spray test, high voltage test, varying temperature test, waterproof test, vibration test, Long service time and low attenuation by applying dual channels for heat dissipation, High protection grade of IP65 achieved by patented mask design with waterproof and dustproof function. No deformation under sunlight by the use of Anti-UV module mask, Anti-Oxidation module frame with protection from deformation.


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